Header credits: Vinnie Pierce "Running and jumping"

Stamtavle for Wytopitlock Call from an Angel


MCO f 09 22 (sorttortie Blotchedtabby m. hvid) gr. 6

Opdrætter: Anette Becher

Wytopitlock The Final Cut

MCO a 22

CFA CH WW04 EC Chimera's Haze of Love

MCO a 22

GIC Guldfakse's Tupac QGC GIC MtKittery Bemis, DM
Guldfakse's Belle Highwalking P.
CH Milinocket's Megg McMuffin Spitzäcker's Percy
GIC+GIP Milinocket's Kami Kaze
GIC Ailuro's Chimalis Corazon

MCO a 22

IC Ailuro's Quistador EC WW99 Milinocket's Pink Floyd
Rivendell's Lightning
Wytopitlock Galadriel EC WW99 Milinocket's Pink Floyd
GIC Karisma's Exiting Xenia
Escape's Zaidee

MCO f 09

GIC Witchbreeds Black Pirate

MCO n 09

GIC Kitty-Up Geronimo GC Kitty-Up Texas Ranger
CH Shubacoons Apache of Kitty-Up
Witchbreeds Spider Woman Spooky Forest Dread-Lock
Unicat Oilily
WW02 Escape Izabella Coonzales


Ravishing Speedy Coonzales CH Ravishing O'Brian
Chayenne of Nantucket
EC Avicats Astraea Escape's, DM GC Stormwatch Tatsumaki
GC Avicats Sophrosina Marfisa

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